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Sinks & Taps

A Variety of Materials, Colours and Styles

The modern sink has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Gone are the days when it was a massive sink tub fixed to a wall, with a wooden drainer beside it. The sink is an essential part of many rooms in your home. It plays a key role in your kitchen, bathroom and, sometimes, in bedrooms as well. It effectively drains water away from your home whilst giving it a pleasant, homely appearance. With kitchen design playing a key role in home improvement, it has ceased to be a mere workaday item. Now sinks & taps are designed to be good looking, even fashionable, as well as functional. And options are much wider in terms of materials, colours, styles and formats.

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Range of Manufacturers to Choose from

Carron Phoenix

Our Suppliers

Modern to Classic Kitchen Styling

At The Kitchen Station, we are committed to providing our customers with the most appropriate sink or sinks for their home. We know how important your sink is to you: it complements your kitchen or bathroom’s style and contributes to an increased feeling of health and hygiene. We offer a range of sinks & taps in a variety of styles, designs and colours so you can come away from our store knowing you have seen an extensive number and chosen the right one for you and your home. One of our sink suppliers is the 1810 Company. They supply sinks, taps and accessories and have a simple philosophy to supply innovative and contemporary European design to those who appreciate superior quality and style. Their taps come in a variety of designs from Contemporary to Classic and are guaranteed to provide a non-splash creamy water flow.

Other manufacturers we stock are Carron Phoenix who have a history dating back to 1759 when they were an ironworks on the banks of the River Carron near Falkirk, Stirlingshire. They have developed and progressed much since then, being at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution before becoming insolvent in 1983 and rising again as Carron Phoenix after acquisition by the Franke Corporation. Their collection of sinks & taps bring together a choice of designs and materials to suit the diversity of modern kitchen styling. From classic to contemporary, their products combine design inspiration and practicality with The Kitchen Station proud to stock them and able to supply them to our customers. Like many of its kitchen appliances we also stock Teka sinks which are just as reliable and efficient since they benefit from the same innovative German technology. All of our experienced, knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice and information to ensure you receive the best sinks & taps for your home.

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