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Contemporary to Traditional Styles

At The Kitchen Station, we offer a wide range of the very latest appliances from our chosen partners. All of the new appliances feature the latest energy-saving technologies and we always ensure your chosen appliances are an integral part of the design of your kitchen. Of course, we are also happy to build your new kitchen around your existing appliances and if you have your heart set on a particular brand or appliance, then we can incorporate that too.

Appliances are an essential feature of your kitchen which is itself one of the most important rooms in your home. From ovens to dishwashers, they enable the smooth running of your kitchen after the day’s important events and keep it presentable for both you and guests. If we are installing new appliances with your new kitchen, our experienced staff will be able to advise you on the most suitable ones for your kitchen after going through a range of different ones you might be interested in.

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High Quality Appliances

Trusted German Engineering to Innovative Technology

At The Kitchen Station, we pride ourselves on the range of high quality, efficient choices we offer our customers. AEG is one of our trusted German manufacturers synonymous with pioneering German engineering, design and precision. The AEG brand offers a full range of products that continue the proud history of the brand. A track record which started with electric light bulbs evolved over the years to include everything from cars, trains, power tools and electric machines to instruments, nuclear power, motors, microelectronics and more. The brand is as attractive and relevant today as it was over 120 years ago.

Neff is another innovative appliance manufacturer we stock. They believe the kitchen is the heart of every home which is certainly something we can agree with. Some of their products include their ‘Slide & Hide’ disappearing oven door which fits smoothly under the oven door to give plenty of room as well as better access to the oven’s interior. They also have ‘FlexInduction’ hobs which are created to respond to your style of cooking. Teka is the benchmark in Europe in the manufacture of built-in home appliances including, ovens, cooktops, hoods and sink units whilst CDA is committed to producing appliances which contribute to your kitchen looking good and performing brilliantly. All of our experienced craftsmen will be able to go over these appliances in detail should you have any further questions about them because our priority is for you to receive the appliances which have the greatest benefit for you and your kitchen.

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